IceWarp, previously know as Merak Mail Server is a commercial client-based groupware and mail server that is developed by IceWarp Limited that runs both on Windows as well as Linux platforms.


The only office rule is,there is no office.

Business email, TeamChat for project teamwork, real-time office document collaboration and online meetings. All in our secure cloud and for half the usual cost.

More Details

IceWarp Mail Server is a business Email and Collaboration server developed by IceWarp Ltd. It features email with custom domain, shared calendars, documents editing, messaging and advanced tool for team collaboration and can be run in Cloud or on a local server using either Windows or Linux, or together with another solution in Hybrid deployment.

It incorporates groupware capabilities over SyncML protocol, as well as SMTP, IMAP and POP[3] and can be integrated with other modules, including those for groupware, antispam and antivirus.

Icewarp Extended Features
Cloud Storage Management for All Documents

A complete storage solution is provided for your team, which includes creating and formatting all documents, versioning them and fast sharing too. Full integration is applied into the rest of the application for working with emails, TeamChats or your own Messaging solutions.

Real-Time Team Chat Collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration feature is available with teams, interactive scheduling, efficient document sharing, interactions and comments along with access option for external participants as well.

Mobile and Desktop Apps

A complete office suite solution is provided for Windows OS including "Desktop Client, Desktop Documents, Desktop Spreadsheets and Desktop Presentations" where users are able to work easily with email, calendar etc. and even use native applications to create, view and edit the documents in all common Microsoft Office Formats. You can also use multiple accounts at a time and connect with working email services such as Gmail, iCloud and others. Options like smooth full-text searching, email encryption that supports PGP interactive messaging, delayed sending and automatic email translations, are fully integrated with the IceWarp platform.